18-year-old mechanic fatally stabbed by older brother


Shock waves rippled through the close-knit village of North Yakusari, Black Bush Polder, Corentyne, Berbice after residents learnt that a young mechanic had been fatally stabbed by his brother.

Reports are that on Sunday, 18-year-old Vishaul Zakaroo a.k.a ‘Daniel’ had visited a neighbouring friend’s home, to imbibe with him and some other colleagues.

Shortly after 23:00hrs Zakaroo’s older brother arrived at the location requesting permission to borrow the mechanic’s motorcycle. However, Zakaroo refused to lend the motorcycle to his sibling and an argument ensued.

The alleged assailant is reported to have dealt his younger brother a slap to the face before whipping out a knife and stabbing the mechanic once to his stomach.

In the midst of the chaos, Zakaroo’s friends managed to rush him to the Mibicuri Public Hospital, for emergency treatment. However, although he was treated, the young mechanic succumbed to his injuries in the wee hours of Monday.

“B” Division Commander, Ian Amsterdam, indicated that the alleged murder weapon was also recovered by police detectives.

According to Commander Amsterdam, initially it was the father of the deceased and the suspect who reported the matter to the police.

However, the statements provided by the parent were lacking critical information and upon further investigation more details were unearthed, the Police Commander explained.

Meanwhile, the suspect has been apprehended and is in police custody as the investigations continue.

The body of the deceased is presently at Ramoo’s Funeral Home awaiting a Post-Mortem examination.



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