Dead: Ramesh Narine

Two persons were taken into custody for questioning following the discovery of an East Coast Demerara man whom residents of Lusignan say collapsed after a drinking spree with friends.

Investigators on the scene informed Nightly News that the sudden death of 53 year-old Ramesh Narine, is currently being treated as an “accident”, while they await the report from a post mortem examination.

This newscast was informed that Narine and two other men were earlier in the afternoon imbibing, but no one from the community could say whether there was any scuffle among the men; even though Narine’s face was swollen, in addition to a visible wound to the back of the head.

One of Narine’s associates denied having knowledge of what occurred.

“How the guy died? How will I know that…? The man been by me and I am living here. That’s all me know, simple as that buddy”, the man explained.

Meanwhile, Sunita Narine, the deceased man’s sister recalled that the last time she saw her brother was on Sunday around 18:00hrs. The woman stated that her brother would do several odd jobs within the community.

“Normally leaves 4:30 in the morning or 5 o clock. Sometimes we see he we see him back till night.” Narine’s sister explained.

She further explained that her brother would regularly be drinking with the two persons of interest. Narine leaves to mourn his sister and aunt.


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