13 ranks of Guyana Prison Service complete Mental Health Training Course


The Guyana Prison Service (GPS) not only aims to build the capacity of prisoners but is also ensuring that the staff are exposed to training which will promote greater efficacy within the prison service, this is according to Director of Prisons, Nicklon Elliot.

“Based on the current budgetary allocations for training, same has been utilised to ensure that staff are exposed to not only institutional training but at the technical level so that they can offer more support and guidance to prisoners.”

To this end, 13 ranks graduated earlier today after they completed a five-day Mental Health Training course under the guidance of Dr. Balogun Osunbiyi.

In an invited comment, Dr. Osunbiyi said the participants are now better prepared to identify and deal with mental health challenges among the prison population.

“In particular, this training course addresses the signs and procedures of mental health issues among the inmates, suicide prevention and self-harm within the incarcerated population, special needs, including gender (the mental health of women prisoners) and age (the mental health of young offenders), among other pressing issues,” Dr. Osunbiyi related.

Meanwhile, some 250 ranks have been trained for the year from 19 completed courses, both external and internal. Among the completed courses were: Human Rights, Prison Management and Supervisory Management.

Additionally, some 275 ranks have been identified for further training for the second half of the year.


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