15 lbs of ‘ganja’, 13,000 cannabis plants go up in flames


-police destroy nursery, five camps during eradication exercise

Five camps with 15,000 pounds of ‘ganja’ along with over 13,000 cannabis plants were destroyed by the cops during a narcotics eradication exercise yesterday in the Berbice River.

One of the make-shift camps discovered by the cops.

The 13-hour operation commenced at 06:00 on Thursday at the villages of Gatetroy and De Veldt which led to the discovery on three acres of land that had the cultivated cannabis.

One camp along with the ‘ganja’ plants that were destroyed by fire in the Berbice River.

According to the police, the plants measured between two (2) and six (6) feet in height.

A section of the cannabis plants located at one of the villages in the Berbice River.

Additionally, a nursery with an average of 3,000 seedlings were also found and destroyed by fire.

Another one of the five (5) camps found by the police.

A 21-year-old labourer of Stanleytown, New Amsterdam, Berbice is presently in police custody after he was nabbed while on one of the marijuana fields.

Some of the cannabis found and destr

Investigations are currently ongoing.


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