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15 year old girl seriously injured after drunk driver U-Turns causing accident

A student of the West Demerara Secondary School, 15-year-old Vidya Ishmail is in a serious condition at West Demerara Regional Hospital after the car she was in made a U-Turn at New Road, Vreed-en-Hoop, West Coast Demerara and crashed into three other vehicles.

Police Headquarters confirmed that the driver of PTT 8247, 35-year-old Kemraj Narine, was way over the legal limit of alcohol (174% micrograms).

On Wednesday 30th March 2022 about 22:00hrs on the Vreed-en-Hoop Public Road, West Coast Demerara, an accident occurred involving PTT8247 owned and driven by 35-year-old Kemraj Narine of Lot 15 Phoenix Park West Bank Demerara, PLL797 owned by Dexter Clarke, PYY131 owned and driven by 41-year-old Marlon Ferguson of lot 11 Coverden, East Bank Demerara and HC5103 owned and driven by 41-year-old Satyanand Singh of lot 1 Canal # 2 West Bank Demerara.

Police say that motorcar PTT8247 was stationary on the southern side of the of the Vreed-en-Hoop Public Road W.C.D facing west and made a U-turn into the lane of motorcar HC5103 causing a collision. HC5103 then collided with motorcar PYY131 which was proceeding west on the southern side of the road then into motorcar PLL797 which was stationary on the northern parapet of the said road.

As a result of the collision the driver and occupants received injuries about their bodies. They were assisted by public-spirited citizens and rushed to the West Demerara Regional Hospital in a conscious state by ambulance where they were seen and examined by Dr. Duncan who treated and sent them away except the 15 year old girl.

Further enquires are in progress.



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