15 yr old youth among those captured by police after several robberies at the Demerara Harbour Bridge


Two males including a 15 year old have been arrested by police ranks after carrying out several robberies under arm at the Demerara Harbour Bridge on Wednesday morning.
According to the police the command centre, by way of CCTV, captured four motorcycles – all with riders and pillion riders – committing armed robberies at the eastern side of the Demerara Harbour Bridge and headed to Georgetown.
Further, anti-crime patrol ranks of Division 4A were immediately alerted and intercepted two of the suspects with one of the motorcycles.
The 23-year-old male was caught hiding in a dug out with water at North East La Penitence while the 15-year-old was arrested at James Street, Albouystown.
In their possession were Three cellphones, a pink handbag , a female make-up kit, a lip gloss, $8,100.00 cash, two lighters, two packs of cigarettes, a bunch of keys.
A black 110 motorcycle without registration number was taken by the police.
Further searches are being carried out for the other suspects.
Persons are asked to visit the Brickdam Police Station and identify their belongings.


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