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18 year old Busted with 1,000 cartridges of gun ammo

A 18 year old has landed himself in hot water after he was busted with 1,000 cartridges of gun ammunition. He has been indentified as Jerimiah Smith, of Pike Street, North Sophia.

The teen was arrested by officers of the Customs Anti- Narcotic Unit (CANU) on the evening of November 30, 2022 as CANU Officers patrolled along Crabwood Creek and Moleson Creek.

They intercepted a boat with a number of occupants that had just docked. Upon recognising the CANU team some of the occupants fled into the nearby bushes, the officers gave chase and managed to apprehend one male along with the boat.

A subsequent search of the vessel revealed a large amount of shotgun ammunition.

Jerimiah Smith is no stranger to CANU, since he was recently arrested in relation to the discovery of 40 kg of cannabis discovered in a motor vehicle, along the Springlands Public Road. The teen was arrested and handed over to the Springlands police along with one thousand (1000) 12-gauge live cartridges.

Investigations are ongoing.



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