18 year old dead following accident, another flees scene


An accident between two motorcyclists on the One Mile Public Road, Wismar, Linden on Sunday morning has claimed the life of a young man of the same village.

Police headquarters have reported a fatal accident which occurred on Sunday 10th April 2022 at 07:45hrs on One Mile Public Road, Wismar, Linden which claimed the life of 18-year-old Odel Taylor. The other motorcyclist, identified as 22-year-old David Narine of lot 7 Half Mile Wismar, Linden, fled the scene of the accident after he reportedly jumped an intersection and crashed into Taylor.

Police reported that Taylor was speeding on motorcycle # CL 731 without a helmet when Narine crashed into him. The police said that Narine was on # CF 6477 proceeding east out of Pin Head Street heading to One Mile Public Road and failed to stop at the junction.

The impact caused Taylor to fall off the motorcycle and his head collided with a concrete culvert. He was picked up by well-meant citazins and taken to the Linden Hospital Complex where he was pronounced dead.


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