18-year-old prisoner escaped from Lusignan Prison compound


A jail escapee from Lot 291 School Street Grove, East Bank Demerara- Kavin Singh, who was charged with two counts of Possession of Ammunition and Firearm and Robbery under Arms, is on the run after escaping from the Lusignan Prison Virtual Court compound while attending court on Thursday.

Around 09:45 hrs on Thursday, Prison Officer Dhanraj ‘uplifted’ seven inmates including Kavin Singh to attend court at Lusignan Prison. The
18-year-old prisoner on remand, who was foot cuffed, asked a Prison Officer to use the prisoner washroom.

The prisoner washroom is said to be situated to the north western side of the court compound. Permission was granted and Singh left and went to use the washroom, unattended.

Enquires disclosed that Singh was admitted at the Lusignan Prison on 2021-12-06, having been charged with*.

When the Prison Officer Payne returned he discovered Singh missing, and an alarm was raised.

Checks were made in the court compound and it was observed that the eastern fence of the court compound (chain link fence) was detached from the post.

Searches are presently being conducted to recapture the prison escapee.


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