19 year old stabbed to death in Parfaite Harmony, Uncle ran away during Incident


19-year-old Chrisgaichan Narine called ‘Boyo’ tragically lost his life during an altercation on Wednesday, with a suspect that police say is identifiable.

The incident occured at about 16:50hrs by an “identifiable male at Independence Drive in the vicinity of Third Avenue, La Parfaite Harmonie, WBD.” Police headquarters noted.

Enquiries disclosed that the now deceased teenager and his uncle Gansham Singh, age 23, were riding going home on one bicycle heading in a western direction, when the suspect was coming from the opposite direction on an electrical bike.

It is said that the suspect was attacked by the suspect on the internet electrical bicycle.

The uncle (Gansham Singh) ran away, leaving the teen scuffling with the suspect.

“As the uncle (witness) was running away, he turned around and saw the suspect was armed with an orange handle pair of scissors in his right hand. The suspect is alleged to have dealt the 19-year-old two stabs – one to the lower abdomen and another to the left shoulder – after which he made good his escape on the said electrical bike.” Police stated in a release.

The uncle (witness) then picked up the bicycle in an attempt to take the victim to the station but the 19-year-old collapsed on the road.

The uncle then rode his bicycle to the station and reported the matter to the Police.

A Police vehicle went to the scene, where the victim was picked up and rushed to the West Demerara Regional Hospital.

On arrival at the hospital, Narine- a Construction Worker of Lot 137 Recht-Door-Zee, West Bank Demerara was seen and examined by Doctor Cameron on duty and later succumbed to his injuries while receiving medical treatment, at about 18:10 hrs.

At about 19:00hrs last evening, further investigation were conducted into the said matter, where a detective questioned several persons and certain information was received including the suspect’s correct name and address.

Meanwhile, the body was escorted to Ezekiel Funeral Home where it is presently lying awaiting Post Mortem Examination to determine cause of death.

Investigations are ongoing.


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