21-year-old miner killed at Blackwater Backdam, Cuyuni River


21 year old miner known as Vibes of four miles, Port Kaituma met his demise on Monday after falling from a pit in Blackwater Backdam, Cuyuni River.

Police reports revealed that on Monday at around 1:30 hours, the victim(vibes) was part of a five-person crew carrying out jetting activities in the mining pit when the dam that held slush from the tail end broke.

Later, an alarm was raised by the victim’s co-worker and friend Elroy Smith, resulting in the victim ‘pinching the hose’ and running to escape; unfortunately, the slush caught and covered him.

Reports state that the co-workers later dug him out and brought him to higher ground as he lay motionless.

The victim was then placed on an ATV and transported to Bartica Hospital, where he was pronounced dead by a doctor on Tuesday around 01:00 hrs.

A wound was observed to his right hand. The body was then placed in the hospital mortuary awaiting postmortem.

The investigation is ongoing.


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