21-year-old woman stabbed, robbed of “kitty”, later beaten with cutlass by suspect


A 21-year-old female is now nursing a stab wound to her leg and injuries about her body after she was allegedly attacked 32-year-old male Operator, who stole her “kitty” containing 12 pennyweights of raw gold, in the North West District (NWD), Region One (Barima-Waini).

The injured woman has been identified as Diandra Rebiero of Mc Doom, Port Kaituma, NWD, while the perpetrator is said to hail from Canal Bank, Port Kaituma.

HGP Nightly News understands that the alleged stabbing and theft of the “kitty” took place on Saturday, last, at Marshall Backdam, NWD.

Reports are that on the day in question, Rebiero was on her way back to her camp when the suspect attacked her with a knife and demanded that she handed over her kitty (strong box).

According to a police statement, she refused to do such, and the 32-year-old perpetrator then stabbed the woman to her right side leg which resulted in Rebiero falling to the ground.

“He then took her kitty – which contained 12 penny weight raw gold valued $180,000 – and made good his escape. On Sunday 07th March, 2021 whilst the victim was in her hammock the suspect approached her with a cutlass in his right hand and dealt her several broadsides about her body causing her to receive injuries before he escaped. On 2021-03-13 about 16:45 hours the victim went to Port Kaituma Police Station where she was taken to the Port Kaituma Hospital and seen by a doctor who wrote a medical certificate in the favour of the victim,” the police statement explained.

Investigations are in progress.


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