23-y-o labourer arrested in backyard for ‘ganja’ in plastic bag


A 23-year-old labourer has found himself in hot water after he was caught by the cops trying to dispose of a quantity of marijuana (ganja) which had been stashed inside of a black plastic bag at his resident today (Saturday).

The discovery was made earlier today at the suspect’s home which is located at the Onderneeming village, West Bank Demerara (WBD).

Reports are that police ranks, acting on information, swooped down at the man’s residence and he was at that time in his backyard with the black plastic bag.

According to further reports, the cops informed him of the information that they received and notified him that they would be conducting a search on his person and premises.

The policemen stated that the suspect complied but in the process of approaching him to conduct their search, he attempted to dispose of the plastic bag.

However, he was unsuccessful in his bid and the lawmen were able to retrieve the bag. Ipon inspection of the contents, they found 20 small Ziploc packets, each of which contained dried cannabis leaves, seeds and stems.

The 23-year-old labourer was taken into police custody, where the illegal substance was weighed in his presence. The total amount of narcotics from the 20 Ziploc bags is said to be 50 grammes.

The suspect is presently at the La Parfaite Harmonie Police Station, West Bank Demerara (WBD), and is slated to be hauled before the Court next week.


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