26g of suspected cocaine found in Beehive ECD yard


After going to a house to arrest a 30-year-old man for threatening language, police were able to arrest two other persons who were in possession of suspected cocaine.
According to reports, police went to a Beehive, East Coast Demerara home on Monday looking for a possible suspect when they noticed two persons at the property, after which a 41-year-old man threw something into the yard after he saw the police.
Subsequently, a search was conducted in the yard and a green plastic bag containing two pieces of creamish hard, rock-like substances suspected to be cocaine was found. The two suspects including a 59-year-old woman denied having possession of the drug. The female was arrested and escorted to Cove and John Police Station along with the suspected drugs.
However, the male made good his escape, leaving his vehicle abandoned but subsequently came to Cove and John Police Station where he was placed in custody.
The suspected drug was weighed in their presence and it amounted to 26 grams.
They were both placed into custody after denying ownership again,


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