55 to get Land Titles/ Transports after years of waiting at Plantation Hope


Good news for fifty-five households that have been occupying lands at Plantation Hope – Cum Annexis for decades- according to the Ministry of Housing and Water, they will soon benefit and recieve their Land Titles/Transports soon.

Minister of Housing and Water, the Honourable Collin  Croal, met with several of the residents, at the Hope Estate Compound, in keeping with a promise he made two weeks prior.

“Today, we are here committed to bringing this aspect of the ownership to completion for you and your families,” the Minister told residents. Through the activity, the Central Housing & Planning Authority (CHPA) initiated the verification of documents, which the Minister noted is one of the first steps in the land titling process.

The initiative was well received by residents, who noted that they feared the longstanding issue would never be resolved.


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