5th suspect arrested for Overseas-based Guyanese murder in Canjie Creek/Backlands


Police have apprehended a fifth suspect in the murder of overseas-based Guyanese Heerj Pardessi. According to information, the 60-year old’s body was discovered lying face down motionless with what appeared to be blood coming from his nose, and duct tape around his neck around 23:42 hrs on Tuesday in his backyard. Several traces of what appeared to be blood were seen on the step leading to the upper flat. The entire upper flat of the house was ransacked. Following the discovery of Pardessi at Reliance Settlement, East Canje, Berbice; police investigators arrested four suspects as stated in an earlier release on Wednesday.
Quick investigations have led the detectives to apprehend a fifth suspect earlier today, after a long pursuit in the Canje Creek and backlands.
The fifth suspect was jailed in 2019 for a Chinese Supermarket robbery but was released from prison in February 2021.
Police are continuing the hunt for another male and a female who is suspected to have lured the victim out of his yard briefly, which allowed the perpetrators to gain entrance.
Investigations continue


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