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65 Year old Dead After Reportedly Losing Balance and falling into Path of Garbage Truck

Police are investigating a fatal accident that claimed the life of Yvonne Morrison on Thursday.
According to reports, the 65-year-old woman who hails from ‘B’ Field, Sophia lost her balance and fell onto the surface of the road into the path of a garbage truck. The left rear wheel ‘squeezed’ her and she subsequently died while receiving treatment at the Georgetown Public Hospital Cooperation.
Police Headquarters confirmed that at around 11:30hrs, a garbage truck (#GYY 7351) owned by Puran Brothers was being driven at the time by 45-year-old Tulsiedas Surgrim of Leonora Pasture, West Coast Demerara along the B Field Sophia Road. At the time, Morrison was walking west in front of the garbage truck that was heading in the same direction.
Sugrim claimed that whilst in the process of passing the pedestrian, he sounded the vehicle horn and Morrison stopped and allowed the truck to pass.
“As the truck proceeded forward, it was further alleged that the pedestrian that the pedestrian lost her balance and fell onto the road surface and under the said garbage truck where the left rear wheel ‘squeezed’ her.” Police said in a statement.
The driver was signaled to stop by the porters, which stopped the rear wheel from crushing her. She was rushed in a semi-conscious condition to the Georgetown Public Hospital, where she was seen and examined by a doctor on duty. However, at 14:30hrs she succumbed while receiving treatment.
The body was then escorted to the Memorial Gardens Mortuary awaiting a post-mortem examination.
A breathalyzer test was conducted on the driver and he had no trace of alcohol on his breath.
So far, one witness came forward. Police said that CCTV footage will be obtained from a nearby resident.
The Driver is in custody as further investigations continue.



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