73yr old decomposed body found in home


A 73-year-old man from Linden is presently in Pensioner’s Mortuary for storage awaiting post mortem examination after his decomposed body was found in his home on October 24, 2021.
According to the deceased’s sister, Edwin Tudor of Burjack, Wismar Linden who lives alone was last seen on October 20 at about 16:00hrs when he complained of feeling unwell.
She then checked his blood pressure and observed it to be very high. As a result, she told the elderly man to lay down which he did and he claimed to be feeling better then left for home.
A neighbour who normally calls out to the deceased whenever she passes his house told the police that last Wednesday, she walked pass the deceased’s home several times after and heard his radio playing but did not see him.
She stated that on Sunday about 06:30 hours, she decided to call out for Tudor after not seeing him but she did not get any reply, which prompted her to go onto his premises where she was greeted by a foul stench. Upon looking inside the house she observed the man’s body laying on his bed motionless and immediately informed the deceased’s family.
The body was examined but due to the state of decomposition, no marks of violence were seen. The home was searched and nothing appeared to be disturbed.
The body was escorted to the Linden Hospital Complex and pronounced dead on arrival by a doctor and awaiting PME.


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