93-years-old woman raped.


A 93 year old woman was reportedly raped early this morning. A caregiver told police that at 07:30hrs she went to the home of the elderly woman to wake her and to take her out.

The caregiver said she observed that the door was open, which is unusual. This caused her to call out for the elderly woman who responded “them boys come in and beat her up and push their hand down her throat and choke her”, police said in a statement.

The caregiver, in attending to the woman observed that she was very traumatized. At this time she also noticed what appeared to be blood on the victim’s clothing and bed spread.

The caregiver immediately reported her suspicion via a call to the police after which she accompanied the woman to the Port Mourant Public Hospital (under police escort), where a medical was done.

“The medical certificate confirmed suspicions,” police said.

Earlier this afternoon one of the suspects was arrested and is in police custody. The hunt is currently underway for two other suspects.


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