A Linden man busted with ‘Ganga in his house offers police Sergeant bribe to ” finish matter”


A 25 year old male of Wismar, Linden has landed himself in ‘hot water ‘ with the cops after he attempted to pay a bribe to police ranks to dismiss charges against him for a quantity of marijuana found in his home .

On Thursday afternoon a party of policemen conducted a search of the suspect’s residence while conducting raids at Wismar in  Linden .

A black, bulky plastic bag was found tucked under the suspect’s bed and when  opened by the lawmen in the man’s presence was found to
contain 26 transparent ziploc bags that contained leaves, seeds and stems suspected to be cannabis.

The suspect was told of the allegation and  cautioned but maintained that  “offica is just a couple bag weed”.

He was subsequently arrested and escorted to the McKenzie Police Station where the suspected cannabis was weighed and amounted to 88grams.

At the station, while this process was being completed, the suspect took out $33,900 from his right side pants pocket and handed it to the sergeant and told him to take the money to finish the matter because he can’t leave his four year old daughter and go to jail.

He was told of the offence of perverting the course of justice and  cautioned. He however pleaded “Sir, is just a chance I want fuh this weed, I gat a four year old girl child and I really sorry fuh pass the money”.

The money was lodged and the suspect was placed into custody pending investigation and charges.


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