A quantity of the second doses of the Russian Sputnik V vaccine is now in Guyana


Health Minister Dr. Frank Anthony made the announcement during Monday’s COVID-19 update

“With the second dose that we now have, and we would like to give it to the persons who would have received their first dose in April. So, they are now coming closer to that 90-day period, and we want them to get first preference,” Dr Anthony said.

The period to receive the second dose of the Russian vaccine is between four to twelve weeks.

The minister said that all those who received their first dose of Sputnik V will be able to receive their second shot.

“We are now getting in these second doses. So, we have a set that came in, and next week we are going to get the next set so everyone who would have received their first dose of this will get their second dose,” he said.

Guyana had experienced a delay in receiving the shipment of the second doses after there was a global shortage, due to the spike in the Delta variant of COVID. The Sputnik V vaccine has proven most effective against this variant.

To date, 239,453 persons have received their first doses, while 120,068 persons are fully vaccinated


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