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AFC demands public apology, full probe into blockage of Patterson’s travel to US

The Alliance For Change (AFC) condemns in the strongest and harshest manner, the puerile act of victimization and discrimination commuted against its representative, and elected Member of Parliament, Hon. David Patterson.
The facts, as so far revealed, are that on the night of Tuesday, September 26, 2023, Mr. Patterson, cleared Immigration and Security checks at the Cheddi Jagan International Airport (CJIA), and was awaiting a flight to the USA, when he was approached by an Immigration Officer and informed that there was an issue with his travelling. Further information received by the AFC, tells that a senior elected Government and PPP official, operating out of the Office of the President, ordered that Mr. Patterson be prevented from travelling.
This act of preventing the free movement of a citizen is illegal, unconstitutional, and in the context of a 2023 world, downright barbaric. It has no place in a modern and democratic society.
The PPP is showing even to an invited guest of the US Congress, and to all citizens, that it alone sets the agenda, and decides who gets to go to what meetings, and who does what. These are the unmistakable actions of a despotic regime.
Obviously, apart from his strident criticism of PPP policies, the symbolism that he is an African Guyanese representative, and not coincidentally, en route to a meeting of the Black Congressional Caucus, in Washington, D.C, cannot be missed. The PPP, no doubt, intended to make a statement here about its views on race relations and about Afro-Guyanese causes in particular. Moreso, it sent a strong statement of rebuke to the Black Congressional Caucus, in particular, and the US Government, in general. It is ironic that the act that was meant to embarrass and punish Mr. Patterson, and prevent his attendance at the important gathering, has in

fact, openly exposed the lies and very nature of the monstrous PPP, and the lengths it is prepared to go to subjugate its opposition.
This is a frightening development, a wakeup call to all Guyanese, and to the world, that despite the glitz and glamour, things are rotten in the state of Guyana and all are likely to be consumed.
The AFC firstly demands a public apology to be issued by the President, Irfaan Ali, for the misuse and abuse of his office against a citizen, and secondly, a full investigation that names who ordered this atrocity, why it was done, and to be followed with a report on what corrective actions will be taken.
The AFC intends to register a formal complaint with the US Government, the CARICOM Secretariat, and the Commonwealth Secretariat about the PPP’s actions against an elected official. Also, legal advice will be sought on what actions can be brought by Mr. Patterson for breaches of his fundamental rights.



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