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One of the guiding principles of The Alliance For Change (AFC) is its commitment to free and fair elections and peaceful transfer of power.
While AFC remains an independent political entity and will determine, after discussion with the National Executive Council (NEC), our participation in any future elections, we share the sentiments expressed by the leader of the APNU, Mr Aubrey Norton, that it is entirely premature to commit without caveat the Coalition’s participation in the upcoming local government elections (LGE). However, as a responsible partner in the Opposition’s coalition, we are committed to those discussions with our membership, partners and the wider society.
In the meantime, we have taken note of the information in the public square from GECOM, assuring Local Government Minister Nigel Dharamlall of its ability to conduct the local elections without addressing the mountain of concerns surrounding the electoral system. These issues were highlighted in the much-publicized national recount following the March 2020 general elections.
In the wake of those revelations, several recommendations were made by the observer missions on improving the conduct of elections and changing the election system, including the structure and composition of GECOM. Among the recommendations was a house-to-house re-verification exercise to remove the dead and those citizens who had migrated and present a clean list of electors for future elections. Unfortunately, these changes have not been made, threatening the integrity of all future elections in Guyana.
At present, the AFC believes that without these fundamental changes to the electoral system, democracy is under threat as this PPP/C regime is determined to cling to power by all means necessary. Over the past two years, the government has done little to change the electoral system to avoid a repeat of the 2020 election fraud that brought it to power.
The AFC remains steadfast in its advocacy for changes to the electoral system that will strengthen our democracy and give our people the absolute right to choose their representatives free from fear, intimidation or coercion.


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