The AFC is taking full responsibility for what happened in the National Assembly almost one week ago. The party acknowledges that it treated lightly that No-Confidence motion. More in this report from Handell Duncan

Former Leader of the Alliance For Change, Nigel Hughes earlier this week had opined that initial threats of that No-Confidence motion should have been taken seriously by the ruling coalition Government.

Leader of the Alliance For Change, Raphael Trotman, is also of the view that the no-confidence motion was not treated seriously enough. He acknowledged that the party failed to recognize that one of their own could have voted in favour of the motion. Charrandass Persaud’s decision to vote along with the PPP was seen as “an attack” on the party according to Trotman. Trotman told party members via letter that the move by Persaud “ has left us shocked and hurt. It is clear the manner in which the monstrous plot was unleashed was intended to cause maximum damage to the Government”. “For the AFC, this is a double blow because the Government is now threatened, and the attack came from within the ranks of the AFC. This attack was well planned, timed and executed”, according to the Former Speaker. What happened Trotman noted, was not conceived and executed in a few days or weeks. He stressed that the no-confidence motion has been a wake-up call for the party. “The AFC and Government have recognized this as a significant ​political indicator and it will not be business as usual and has made a commitment to listen, to accept that it erred, and seek to change; whilst providing leadership”, Trotman who is also Natural Resource Minister reasoned. Minister Trotman forecasted that the next few days and weeks are going to be testing for the citizens, and members of the AFC and he will be taking full responsibility to lead the party’s efforts to regroup and rebuild. He is resolute that they will get past this one.


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