Aircraft Mechanic, Business Manager robbed of their phones on Hadfield Street


A 30-year-old Aircraft Mechanic and a 54-year-old Business Manager were robbed by gun touting bandits on Monday. The men were relieved of one I-phone 7 valued at $65,000 belonging to the aircraft mechanic, along with one Samsung Galaxy A2 cellular phone valued at $42,000 belonging to the Business Manager.

The two were said to be unidentifiable males, and one was armed with a handgun.

According to the police, the two men are known to each other. On the day of the incident, the mechanic was visiting his girlfriend’s residence at Hadfield Street and had parked his motor car on the said street.

Around 20:50 hours, while conversing with his girlfriend inside of the said car, he saw the business manager proceeding along Hadfield Street on his motorcycle.

The manager stopped his motorcycle in front of the mechanic girlfriend’s home. At that time the mechanic then observed the two suspects parked their motorcycle some distance away in front of his motor car, then approached both victims on foot.

The armed suspect pointed a handgun and relieved the manager of the cellular phone mentioned. The mechanic then came out of his motor car to assist the manager however, the male with the gun then pointed the firearm at him and pushed him to the ground while his accomplice relieved him of his cellular phone.

The suspects then ran to their motorcycle and made good their escape.

The mechanic tracked his cellular phone which led to a house in James Street, Albouystown where a search was carried out on the premises by the police but the phone was not found.

However, an 18-year-old male of the said address was arrested and is in custody assisting with investigations.


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