All Sterling Products Ltd. employees to benefit from salary increases over the next two (2) years following MOU inked


Sterling Products Limited (SPL) signed a two-year Memorandum of Agreement with the Clerical and Commercial Workers’ Union (CCWU) which will see employees benefitting from an increase in wages and salaries of 7% for the year 2022 and 8% for the year 2023 across the board. In addition, meal and snack allowances has seen increases along with annual bursary awards. The agreement was signed on July 8, in the presence of the Chief Labour Officer (CLO) Dhaneshwar Deonarine at the Ministry of Labour, Brickdam, Georgetown. Sterling Products Limited was represented by the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Mr. Ramsay Ali, the Finance Controller/Company Secretary Mr. Mahindra Sammy, and the Human Resources Manager Mrs. Maneka Jacob, while the Clerical and Commercial Workers Union was represented by the President Mr. Sherwood Clarke, Junior Vice President & Employee Representative Mr. Seecharan Sukhu, Union Consultant Mr. Gladstone George and Employee Representative Mr. Elvis Peters
General President of the Clerical and Commercial Workers’ Union Sherwood Clarke, extended gratitude to the Chief Executive Officer of Sterling Products, Mr. Ramsay Ali for ensuring that the negotiation was done amicably which resulted in a robust agreement being generated to support the interest of the employees.
Human Resources Manager (Ag) Maneka Shiwprashad-Jacob said “I look forward to this continued good relationship that we have with this Union.” Moreso, she conveyed that the company holds the interest of its employees in high regard. “As you can see from the collective bargaining agreement, we at Sterling Products Limited care for our employees, we value them, and this is evident through our conditions and the benefits in the agreement.”
Chief Executive Officer of Sterling Products, Ramsay Ali, in delivering brief remarks said that the Union has always been welcoming to the company. “There are a couple of times we had to come here when we couldn’t reach a consensus and the process here was good.” He further stated that employees of Sterling Products are also enjoying numerous other benefits that are not being captured in the Collective Labour Agreement. These benefits include pension scheme, medical and education assistance plans.
Chief Labour Officer Mr. Daneshwar Deonarine, thanked both parties for recognizing and giving credence to the Ministry’s role, indicating that he is happy to facilitate especially in such cordiality where there’s an agreement and no need for a conciliation. Mr. Deonarine commended both management and union for negotiating in good faith and coming to an agreement that will benefit the workers. He wished the Union, Management and workers success and long fruitful relationships.


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