Alleged Cow thief arrested by Police in Berbice


Around 1:30hrs on Thursday morning, police took a dark brown spotted cow to the Rose Hall Police Outpost after a 23-year-old man allegedly stole the cow. The Police stated that motorcycle patrol ranks were on J.C. Chandisingh Public Road Rose Hall Town, Corentyne, Berbice when they noticed the cow tied with a rope around its neck driven by the man. According to reports, after the man saw the police ranks, he quickly abandoned the animal and ran away. The police then later took the unbranded animal to the Outpost waiting for it to be identified by its owner. Further, the male was arrested later in the morning by police ranks on patrol where they found a blue canvas rope, a white canvas rope, and a cap with torchlight in his possession. He has been placed in custody pending further investigation.


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