Alleged duck thief chopped up in Berbice


A 52-year-old man was taken into police custody after he wounded a young man whom he accused of attempting to steal his ducks in the early-morning hours of Wednesday in #67 Village, Corentyne, Berbice.

The victim and alleged thief has been identified as 18-year-old Chetram Gopaul, also known as ‘Pops’.

According to police in a news release, the suspect went to the Springlands Police Station and reported that ‘Pops’ was caught in his duck pen with five of his ducklings, valued at $5,000, in a salt bag.

The suspect told police he then armed himself with a cutlass because at that time he noticed that the victim had a knife in his hand.

Police said the suspect further claimed that ‘Pops’ rushed him with the knife “and he fired several chops towards him causing him to receive injuries”.

The victim was escorted to the Skeldon Public Hospital where he was treated for wounds and transferred to the New Amsterdam Public Hospital.

The suspect was arrested and is assisting with the investigations, police said.


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