A mother recounts seeing her son gunned down before her very eyes on Regent street in Georgetown 12 months ago. She’s not impressed by the justice system and she related her fears to Handell Duncan who filed this report.

It’s now one year since Marlon Fredericks, the son of broadcast journalist, Claudette Fredericks was shot dead just outside the Bourda City Constabulary Outpost in Georgetown.

The alleged killer is before the courts, but one year on and the victim’s mother is not satisfied with the progress of the matter.

Claudette has had to muster courage to attend if not all, most hearings so far, as the arm of justice drags on.

Even so, she remembers it all as though it was yesterday. Her son was shot before her very eyes.

34 year old Marlon Fredericks was reportedly shot in the back by a City Constabulary Lance Corporal as he ran out of the Outpost where he was being held for an allegation made against him. On the fateful day, relatives including his mother had gone to visit him, when in full view of all, the city policeman, used his weapon. 

Fredericks was informed that given that her son is dead there is nothing that can be done in that case. Meantime, Nightly News has learnt from the Chief Constable’s Office that the Lance Corporal has been interdicted. 


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