Could it be that the driver behind a minibus that killed a 15-year-old Annandale resident fled the jurisdiction? Police confirmed that the vehicle which was found in an abandoned warehouse is registered to a Chinese Businessman. Here are the details from Javone Vickerie.

Traffic officials on the East Coast confirmed that the vehicle that was involved in the accident was discovered hidden in a makeshift bond at Mon Repos, East CoastDemerara on Thursday.In an interview with the head of the Traffic Department on the East Coast Assistant Superintendent Mark Vigilance, he explained that investigators at the scene were able to find a broken number plate. That number plate according to Mr. Vigilance, helped investigators to locate the registration of the vehicle, which is owned by a Chinese national who resides and runs a business on the East Coast of Demerara.

The East Coast Traffic Head however noted that the registered owner of the vehicle is nowhere to be found. He is of the opinion that following the accident, the owner might have fled the jurisdiction. But there is also the possibility that the vehicle was driven by someone else, according to the traffic head.

Mr. Vigilance stated that the search for the registered owner will continue. Investigators hope that they can definitively ascertain where it was the Chinese National he struck down two youths without rendering assistance.


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