Anthony Snow’s complaint being investigated


From GPF

At around 12:30 hours today (Monday), 40-year-old Anthony Snow of Bagotstown, East Bank Demerara visited the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) at Brickdam Police Station in the company of a female (name unknown) in order to report a Cyber Crime matter.

At the time, a Detective Inspector, a Corporal, a Lance Corporal, and a Constable were present in the office.

However, while he was being interviewed by one of the ranks, he began to remove some documents which had some brown spots on them from an envelope and suddenly he complained that his hand was burning because he felt like something dripped on his hand from the ceiling.

The female who was with him then said her throat was burning and Snow said his skin and eyes started to burn. The ranks who were around also complained of feeling a burning in their nostrils and itching of the throat, followed by coughing.

Snow was taken out of the office and was given water to wash his face but he continued to complain that his eyes were burning and that he was unable to see.

Checks were made in the CID office but nothing of evidential value was found in relation to the burning sensation that Snow and the female, as well as the ranks, were feeling.

Nothing was seen and there was no indication that something was dripping from the ceiling in the office.

However, an ambulance was summoned and Anthony Snow and the female joined same and left en route to the Georgetown Public Hospital.

Investigations are in progress.


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