The Guyana Government is continuing its quest to explore all options to remain in office. Like the Opposition, the government has met with foreign diplomats in Guyana and outlined its case. Handell Duncan has our report.

A government delegation meets with diplomats from the US, UK, Canada, and the European Union and fully explained the Government’s position in the wake of the December 21, 2018 – Opposition No-Confidence motion against the APNU- AFC Government. Prime Minister – Moses Nagamootoo who headed the delegation indicated that the Government fully respects and will uphold the constitution. The Prime Minister did not stop short of reminding the foreign diplomats that the APNU-AFC coalition remains the Government of Guyana at present.

Presently, the Government is of the view that the issues surrounding the No- Confidence vote have created controversy and there are contentions on both sides of the political divide on what constitutes a majority of all the elected members in the National Assembly.

Prime Minister Nagamootoo stated that the Government is of the belief that the promise made by the Speaker to deal with the consequences of the vote should be allowed to take place. The National Assembly is expected to meet on meet January 3rd.

No amount of politicking and rhetoric that the Government should resign will resolve the matter, according to the Prime Minister. In the meantime though, the Government handed to the diplomats a number of legal opinions on the issue at hand.


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