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The Opposition APNU+AFC coalition would like to assure the government and people of India that all Guyanese citizens (bar the expected exceptions in the government) are embarrassed and outraged by the conduct of now-recalled Guyana Ambassador to India Charrandass Persaud. In particular, we wish to offer our support and sympathy to Ms. Sonya Ghosh, the unfortunate victim of Mr. Charrandass Persaud’s vile onslaught.
Since the incident has seen public light, Guyanese from every walk of life have been unified in their condemnation. Our souls and spirits are troubled. Our nation hangs its head in dishonor.
Once again, the PPP has brought disgrace to Guyana and its people. It has fostered a culture of sexism and misogyny among its political executive by overlooking and condoning offensive and despicable conduct of its top-ranking officials. The nation has not forgotten the vulgarities hurled by Minister Nigel Dharamlall at our female MPs.
But more, the PPP has brought shame to our country by allowing Charrandass Persaud to continue as Ambassador for over a year, being fully aware of the contempt he had shown to the Indian government and people, especially its women and its culture.
Yet more, The PPP has compounded the disgrace on the nation by rushing to bury the matter as “unsubstantiated”, despite the irrefutable video evidence that surfaced in the public domain.
Further, our nation is dishonored that the PPP government has still failed to condemn the depraved act of its Ambassador and has still offered no apology to the victim, Ms. Sonya Ghosh, or to the people and government of India.
Blame for this sordid state of affairs lies above Charandass (revolting as his conduct was) or his direct supervisor, Minister of Foreign Affairs Todd (cowardly as his attempt at cover-up was). The Guyanese people must rightfully cast blame at the very top—at

Irfaan Ali and his puppet masters. They have brought this disgrace onto our nation. They have done it before and will do it again in the time they have left.
Despite the current national mood of disgust, APNU+AFC would not waste time in calling on the PPP government to do the right thing. The PPP wouldn’t and morally can’t. Instead, we call on the Guyanese people to draw their own conclusions on the state of governance in their country.


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