APNU+AFC demands that charges against Ferguson be withdrawn


The APNU+AFC coalition says it condemns the actions of the Guyana Police Force in arresting APNU+AFC Coalition Opposition Member of Parliament Hon. Annette Ferguson on spurious grounds of breaching the cybercrime act.

In a  release the coalition stressed that the PPP regime’s persecution of the political Opposition continues with wanton disregard for the law, the constitution, and the rights of citizens. Hence, the Guyana Police Force has been fully weaponized against the Opposition.

The statement further stated that the PPP is pushing the nation to the brink of civil unrest with its persistent and unceasing attacks on the political Opposition.

“We have previously warned of this and the PPP has paid no heed to such warnings but instead is intensifying its vulgar and grotesque campaign of political persecution against the political Opposition” the coalition stated.

The coalition demanded the withdrawal of the “spurious, baseless, and politically motivated charges” laid before MP Annette Ferguson


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