HE President David Granger is warmly greeted by two little girls as he makes his way to the stage in Mahdia rally in Region 8

At an APNU+AFC rally held on Wednesday, February 12, 2020, at Mahdia, Region eight, His Excellency President David Granger with much anticipation of victory of the March 2 polls, declared the APNU-AFC a “movement” and made a call to all to come under the “green and gold banner”.

“Everywhere in this country, people are coming over to the APNU+AFC. It is not a party here; it is a movement. People are feeling this energy that APNU+AFC is generating to develop this country,” the president said.

The mining community of Mahdia was the last of four villages that were transformed with new roads and other infrastructure in the past few years. President Granger said the new town will be built up and made prosperous and the government will always protect the mining industry. Noting that improvement will come, with strict environmental standards.

“Everywhere the APNU+AFC is building clinics, building wells, developing facilities for the people. We are building schools. We are making life comfortable for the people of this country,”.

Although the region has the smallest population, President Granger said Potaro-Siparuta has tremendous potential. The Coalition Government, he said will work to realise that potential.

“Let us continue to build up our strength in this great region. Let us come over to the winning side, let us continue to fight for our women and young people and children.”

A section of the audience at the rally held at the Mahdia Oval in Region 8

The President said Mahdia has reached a point where it must make the critical decisions that will ensure the prosperity of its children and the region. According to him, it is time to move “our control of region 8” so that victory will be wrought at the polls.

President Granger said the incumbent’s successive victory will be so great, that it would eventually weaken the opposition’s dominance on the political stage.

Speaking on the Decade of Development, President Granger said the kind of development seen over the last four years, will continue until 2029. He committed to the expansion and improvement of hydro, solar and wind power, particularly in the hinterland communities.


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