ASL employee killed by aircraft propeller died from multiple incise wounds


A Post Mortem Examination was conducted on 29-year-old Nigel Rodrigues who died after walking into the propeller of an aircraft at the Kamarang Airstrip, Upper Mazaruni on Friday last.
According to the police Rodrigues was imbibing at the Kamarang Landing, when Caravan 8R GFA – piloted by a 55-year-old male pilot – landed at the airstrip and before the pilot could properly shut off the engine, he walked in front of the plane’s propeller.

The body was identified by the deceased’s cousin Christine George to government pathologist, Dr. Nehaul Singh on October 18.
Dr. Singh performed the post mortem examination by dissection on the body of the deceased who gave the cause of death as multiple incised wounds.
The body was then handed over to the relatives for burial.


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