Badly decomposed body of female found stuffed in barrel, dumped in trench


Pandemonium broke loose this morning in the villages of Belvedere and Hampshire, Corentyne, Berbice, when residents made the gruesome discovery of a badly decomposed female body stuffed inside a barrel and dumped into a trench.

The body is yet to be identified.

Reports are that around 09:30h today, persons were approaching the trench that separates the two villages when they began smelling a terrible stench emanating from the barrel.

Upon closer inspection, they noticed a human foot protruding from the barrel, and immediately raised an alarm. Other residents rushed to the scene while the police were contacted.

When the cops arrived at the scene and removed the barrel from the trench, they discovered the decomposed corpse of the unidentified female, with a multi-coloured bed sheet tied around the neck.

According to a police source, it is believed that the woman had been dead  for more than two days, since hair had become detached from parts of her scalp.

The body is currently at the Bailey’s Funeral Home where the body  awaits identification and an autopsy.

Meanwhile, investigations into the matter continue.


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