Bandits break into labourer’s house, escape with cash and other valuables


-man manages to deal several lashes to two suspects with piece of wood during robbery

A 45-year-old labourer and his wife are now counting their losses after four (4) bandits broke into their East Canefield New Area, East Canjie, Berbice, home and stole several items along with cash while the couple had been at their neighbours residence.

On Tuesday around 18:30h, the labourer, identified as Rudolph Kentolall, and his wife, Bibi, were at the house next door when the man noticed two (2) of the four (4) suspects entering the lower flat of his house through a door which had been left open.

He observed the men removing articles that were in a bag on a table in the lower flat of his home and Kentolall immediately rushed over to his house where he confronted two (2) of the suspects.

According to the police, he picked up a piece of wood, and started dealing several blows to their bodies and this prompted the two men to run out of his home with their loot.

However, during this process, Kentolall allegedly recognized one of the men, but before he could react any further, he recalled that the other suspects were still inside of his home.

The labourer then ventured to the front of the building where he confronted the remaining two (2) bandits, one (1) of whom had been armed with a handgun.

According to the cops, the armed suspect immediately discharged a round from the firearm but the bullet did not hit Kentolall.

The two perpetrators exited the rear of the house and made good their escape in an unknown direction.

According to the labourer, the bandits escaped with $70,000 in cash, a Seiko wrist watch valued at $60,000, two pairs of gold earrings and a quantity of artificial jewellery.

A .32 spent shell was recovered at the scene by investigators and checks are being made for the one (1) suspect that was identified by Kentolall, along with the others.


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