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Bandits hold teen at gunpoint in home, escape with $430,000 in cash and valuables

A teenager, who had been participating in a virtual classroom session at his home, is now traumatized after two (2) bandits, one of whom had been brandishing a gun, stormed into his house and held him at gunpoint while executing their daring robbery.

The incident took place at ‘A’ Field Sophia, Greater Georgetown, around 13:00h on Friday (yesterday).

Reports are that the 19-year-old was sitting in the kitchen area of his home, studying, and the top half of a door to the house had been left open.

The two (2) suspects stormed into his residence and held him at gunpoint while reportedly searching his entire house.

HGP Nightly News understands that the perpetrators managed to steal cash, jewellery and cellular phones, totaling $430,000, before they made good their escape in a Western direction.

According to the police, several persons in the area were questioned and Close Circuit Television (CCTV) cameras are also to be reviewed.

No arrest has been made so far as investigation continues.



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