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Bandits rob Reg. 6 RDC building of undisclosed sum of cash

The Police are on the hunt for four men who allegedly robbed the Regional Democratic Council (RDC) building at Vryman’s Erven in New Amsterdam, Berbice, of an undisclosed sum of cash in the wee hours of Wednesday. 

Suresh Sooknanan, a 60-year-old security guard, told investigators that at about 03:10h, he was on duty at the RDC’s Guard Hut located on the eastern side of the compound. Three other security guards were on duty at other locations within the compound.

Sooknanan said about four unidentifiable men came into the compound from the eastern fence and dealt him one lash to his forehead with an object, causing him to receive injuries.

He also claimed that the men tied his hands behind his back, duct-taped his mouth, and left him in the hut.  

The guard said he made his way to the front, where he informed his colleagues about what transpired, and they untied him and reported the matter.

Checks were made on the RDC building, and two windows to the Accounts Department on the southern side were open.

“Entry was seen to a door to the southern side of the building, where access was gained into the building and inside a room where an undisclosed amount of cash was kept,” Police said.

The room had an internal access door with reinforced grill works, which was broken off, and the undisclosed cash was reported missing.

Investigators spoke to the RDC Chairman and staff members, and useful information was received.

The security guard was escorted to the New Amsterdam Public Hospital for medical attention. Several security cameras around the building will be viewed as investigations continue.



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