Barticians, Vice Chairperson up in arm over altercation between 20 year old and police, investigation launched


The Guyana Police Force has responded to a video that has been making its rounds across social media. The video which captures 20 year old Chris Crighton being threatened with murder by ranks in the Bartica district has sparked mass outrage, especially by residents in the township of Bartica, Region 7.

According to Police Headquarters, the Office of Professional Responsibility representative in the region is currently investigating the matter that police ranks at Bartica assaulted and used threatening language towards one Christopher Crighton during a traffic stop.

In a statement, the Guyana Police Force stated that on Saturday February 26, 2022, Christopher Crighton of 3rd Avenue, Bartica was stopped and requested to produce his driver’s licence and documents for the motor cycle that he was driving. He had none of the documents requested by the police in his possession at the time and also refused to take a breathalyser test.

As a result, Christopher Crighton was arrested and taken to the Bartica Police Station.

He was subsequently released and placed on self bail and his motor cycle returned to him the very day. The documents requested had been brought to the station while he was in custody.

Crighton returned to the Bartica Police Station this morning, Monday February 28, 2022, where he made a report that he had been assaulted and verbally threatened by the police during the incident.

Consequently, he was escorted to the Bartica Hospital to be medically examined and a statement was taken from him.

The Regional Vice Chairperson Cuyuni/Mazaruni Region #7 Kamal Persaud expressed outrage at the incident. She described it as “ troubling and unprofessional, especially the language used”

Persaud went on to say that “While I support law and order in my community I also call for professional conduct and respect.
Bartica, while not free from petty crimes, is a tight knitted community and boast of professionalism, respectability, discipline and the people of Bartica enjoys peace, togetherness and tranquility.

I fully support law Enforcement Officers that carries out their duties in a professional manner.

I therefore call on the relevant authorities to launch a full investigation in this matter and have remedial actions.”

According to information reaching this newscast, Crighton was at the time out on an errand riding his small motorcycle when he was stopped by traffic ranks of the Bartica Police Station. The young man reportedly did not have his license at the time and offered to have his is mother bring the license to the scene. This the officers rejected and instead instructed him to enter the Police vehicle. The 20 year old began videoing, which seemingly caused a rank to become irate. In the widely circulated video, the officer can he heard using worlds like “murder.”


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