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Berbice man pleads guilty to murdering wife.

On Wednesday, a Berbice man charged in 2020 for fatally stabbing his wife during a domestic dispute pleaded guilty to the crime.

During an argument, Taijram reportedly armed himself with a knife and stabbed Amrita multiple times, causing her death. He then fled the scene but was later arrested by the police.

According to the prosecution, Taijram had a history of domestic violence and had previously been charged with assault against his wife. In addition, the couple’s children were present at the time of the incident and have since been placed in the care of relatives.

Speaking to the media, Amrita’s family expressed their disappointment with the plea deal, stating that they had hoped for harsher punishment for Taijram. They also called for stricter laws and more support for victims of domestic violence.

The case has once again brought attention to the issue of domestic violence in Guyana, with many calling for more education and resources to be provided to prevent such incidents. The sentencing of Taijram is set to take place in February 2023, and he faces a maximum sentence of life imprisonment for the charge of manslaughter. Tiana Cole reports.



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