A 16-year-old student of Berbice who is accused of brutally attacking a teacher last year has been placed on a “school bond” by the Ministry of Education, following investigations into the matter. Javone Vickerie reports.

When interviewed by Nightly News last December, the 16-year-old Student of #7 Secondary School claimed that the allegations made against him by the Head Teacher were false. The victim, Ms. Gangadin Sebarat-Isaacs, had told the media that she was kicked and beaten by the student after she reprimanded him for walking into her children. Sebarat-Isaacs in the photograph seen here shows a swollen face. During the interview, which was conducted in the presence of his mother here at Nightly News, the youth was questioned about how the head teacher sustained the injuries.

The Ministry of Education on Friday announced that following an investigation into the matter, in the presence of his mother, he was placed on a school bond by the Schools’ Welfare Department and is now required to attend counselling sessions every Wednesday for the next four months. The Ministry in a release said, “ The Ministry of Education is not in a position to comment further on this matter since this incident is now engaging the attention of the Police and the court.” Police confirmed to Nightly News that two years ago in the same district, a report was made against the head teacher who allegedly threatened to kill the youth. No legal action was taken; thus Sebarat-Isaacs was warned and sent away by the police.


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