Biden secures win over Trump after Califronia’s electors cast votes


President-elect Joseph R. Biden Jr. surpassed the all-important threshold in the Electoral College when California’s electors cast their votes, after a day in which the process unfolded smoothly.

This is according to The New York Times, which moments ago stated that Biden Jr. was affirmed as the president-elect on Monday as members of the Electoral College pushed him past the 270 threshold to win the White House, “all but ending a disruptive chapter in American history in which President Trump sought to use legal challenges and political pressure to overturn the results of a free and fair election.”

According to the U.S media house, the president-elect passed the threshold after California cast its 55 votes for Mr. Biden on Monday evening, “capping a day marked by heightened security in battleground states and an unusual level of scrutiny for what is normally a formal, procedural affair.”


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