A self-professed businessman with lengthy local and international
police crime files were taken down in a hail of bullets Sunday morning. HGPNightly News crime reporter Travis Chase reports that there is more in the mortar than the pestle.

The gunning down of 37-year-old Sean Greene on Sunday morning on
Foreshaw Street Queenstown has investigators working overtime to bring
Greene’s killers to justice. But police working on the case also know that
Green had been under the police’s radar for some time now.

Here’s the story, this CCTV footage obtained by Nightly News shows
Greene as he sat in front of the hotel with others when two men approached on foot and discharged rounds at him and fled the scene. He was shot multiple times.
This other piece of footage shows Green as he laid prostrate infront the
hotel, but by the time he was rushed to hospital he was pronounced dead.

Multiple sources have confirmed that Green was a confidant of Tower Suites owner Sherrington ‘Big head’ Lovell who was recently arrested in Jamaica on drug trafficking charges.
Big head and Green had reportedly severed ties after word got back to
Lovell that Green had been snitching on whatever Lovell’s operations were.
In fact, days before Green was killed he had gone to Berbice and had held
Lovell’s wife at gunpoint and demanded money from her. Lovell’s wife and
child were reportedly assaulted by Greene and police were in search of him.
International police crime files show that Greene was wanted in Canada for a murder that took place in Canada back in September. He had fled to
Guyana after Canadian Police released surveillance video recordings of him leaving the scene of a murder in the company of two other men.
He was also deported from the US for a string of other crimes.

Police late Sunday evening arrested Winston ‘Quarters’ Wade for the killing
of Greene. As it turns out Wade was at home the morning Green was killed and multiple sources have confirmed this to the police. Police also found out that Green and Quarters had a confrontation some time ago, but that hatchet had apparently been buried.


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