• Over $2 Million in cash and jewellery taken.


A Black Bush Polder family is thankful to be alive after they were attacked and robbed of over $2.5M in cash and jewellery. Reports are that Jainarine Singh, who is a farmer, his wife and two children were in the 38 Johanna North, Black Bush Polder when four armed men attacked and robbed them. The men were armed with a shot gun, a hand gun and two knives and concealed their identity using ski masks.
According to reports, Singh was in his yard when the men without warning entered his yard. The men demanded cash and advised no one would be hurt if the family complied with their demands. The man’s wife was inside the house and noticed something was wrong and proceeded to close the door. The men threatened to kill Singh if his wife didn’t open the door. Being afraid they would make good on their threat, the woman opened the door, granting access to the bandits, who carted off with $500,000 and over $2M in jewellery. The men made good their escape. Investigations are currently underway into the matter.


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