– Claims kidnapped girls are married.


Boko Haram’s Abubakar Shekau, in a videotaped message, announced that all 200 kidnapped schoolgirls converted to Islam and are now married. He sneered and laughed while taunting the relatives of the girls that they would not recognize the girls anymore. He also went on to state that there never was a cease fire with the Nigerian government as was announced last month. Nigeria’s Air Chief Marshal Alex Badeh had stated publicly that on October 17 a cease fire was agreed upon between the government and the extremists. Shekau went on to say that he is committed to the point of martyrdom and will continue to fight the Nigerian government.

Boko Haram kidnapped the schoolgirls almost seven months ago and though the world raised a stink about it, nothing really has been done to secure their release. The extremists have been attacking local villages and slaughtering the inhabitants for several years. They will also attack government buildings and municipal transportation stations to cause extreme devastation and death. When rescuers try to recover the wounded Boko Haram sends another bomber or has a bomb already to go off with a timer to kill any rescuers and victims left behind.

Like all Islamic extremists, they are anti West and will do anything and everything for effect and fear. They want to provoke the Nigerian government to come over to their way of thinking but have only at this time been able to sway a few of the government officials. At times their actions have been too extreme for even the simple convert. Boko Haram has not been as extreme as their ISIS brothers but it seems they are starting to follow suit. Shekau’s announcement of a fight to the death can be taken only in one way. That more violence is to come and it looks like it is going to be massive.

Extracted and modified from Yahoo News


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