BREAKING! One missing, three hospitalized after boat, GDF vessel collide in Pomeroon River


Coast Guards, civilians currently combing waters to locate missing man

One man is missing while three others are currently hospitalized after the boat they were travelling in collided with a Guyana Defence Force (GDF) Coast Guard vessel, the GDFS HAWK 1028, late this evening.

Reports are that around 21:00h, the military vessel and the small civilian vessel encountered the mishap in the Pomeroon River.

According to a press release from the GDF moments ago, initial investigations have so far revealed that the GDFS HAWK , which had four ranks on board, was returning from Charity, Essequibo, to the Floating Base when the incident took place.

“The other vessel was carrying four occupants and following the incident three of them were recovered alive and transported to the Charity Hospital. One of the men is currently unaccounted for. Coast Guard Ranks along with several civilians have since launched a search for the missing man.”

According to the GDF, it has since commenced a Board of Inquiry to investigate the circumstances surrounding this incident.


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