Brickdam Police Station fire: Prisoner sets station on fire after being frustrated


The Guyana Police Force is sparing no effort as it continues the investigation into yesterday’s devastating fire which destroyed the Brickdam Police Station complex in Georgetown. As the investigations continue, investigators have managed to get a video confession from a prisoner, Clarence Greene, an unemployed 26-year-old of lot 2292 Princess Street Lodge.

Greene, who was arrested early on Saturday morning October 2nd, 2021 and placed in the Brickdam lockups for an alleged Robbery Under Arms, told investigators during his confession that his motive for starting the fire was due to him being detained for a couple of hours and he became frustrated.

Following the fire on Saturday, the prisoners who were in the Brickdam lockups were questioned and two of them claimed that after the fire was seen and they were taken out of the cells and escorted to the Sparendaam Police Station, they were placed in a cell with Clarence Greene.

The duo said Green told them that he took a piece of sponge, wrapped it up on a piece of wire which he lit, and pushed it through a ventilation hole in the cell over to a part that had some documents and it catches afire.

Following this revelation, Clarence was then questioned by detectives during which he ‘confessed’ and told investigators that he tore off a piece of sponge from a mattress in the cell that he was in, hooked it on a piece of wire, and lit same with a cigarette lighter which he then pushed through a ventilation hole in the cell at Brickdam.

Investigations continue.


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