Budget 2023 pegged at $781.9B with no new taxes 


Senior Minister in the Office of the President with responsibility for Finance Dr. Ashni Singh on Monday presented the country’s largest Budget, which is a whopping $781.9 billion. 

In his more than four hours speech, the Senior Minister said that Budget 2023 is 41.4% larger than 2022. 

“…the largest Budget in the history of Guyana and, once again, is fully financed with the imposition of absolutely no new taxes,” Dr. Singh posited. 

This year’s Budget was presented under the theme “improving lives today, building prosperity tomorrow.” 

In this year’s Budget, a total of $10 billion was allocated to the government’s part-time jobs, while the government gave the gas-to-shore project $43.3 billion. 

This is the fourth budget to be presented by the People’s Progressive Progressive/ Civic  (PPP/C) since taking office in August 2020. 


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